• July 23, 2024

Unveiling the Hidden Gems: 7 Roulette Variations You Never Knew Existed



Roulette has long been one of the premier casino games, captivating players for centuries with its simple yet thrilling gameplay. While most are familiar with American, European, and French roulette versions, lesser-known variations may offer additional thrills and excitement – in this article, we highlight seven roulette variations you may never have come across but are worth investigating to enhance your gaming experience!


Multi-Wheel Roulette is Ever wished for the chance to bet on multiple roulette wheels at once? Multi-Wheel Roulette makes your dream come true. In this variation, players may place bets on up to eight separate wheels simultaneously in just one spin of the wheel – providing additional betting opportunities and heart-pumping action with every turn! Each wheel operates independently for greater betting opportunities and adrenaline-pumping excitement; plus it raises stakes considerably, adding another layer of excitement on every spin!


Mini Roulette


As its name implies, Mini Roulette is an abbreviated version of a traditional roulette game with 13 pockets (one-through-12 and zero). A smaller wheel means faster-paced play due to fewer betting options – ideal for fast rounds that frequently yield payouts! Suitable for players looking for quick rounds.


Double Ball Roulette


Enjoy the excitement and suspense of watching two balls race around a wheel! Double Ball Roulette delivers this exciting experience by unleashing two balls onto its surface at once for increased excitement and potential winnings. Bettors may wager on various outcomes including either both balls landing on identical or different numbers, and with twice the action and double suspense, this variant takes roulette excitement to new levels!

Multi-Ball Roulette


For those seeking something with more excitement, Multi-Ball Roulette might be just what’s needed. Here, players can enjoy the chaos created by multiple balls circling a wheel simultaneously – usually two to ten per game depending on its particular ruleset – creating more complex yet exhilarating spins every time around! The added complications bring increased opportunities for wins making every spin an exhilarating adventure!




A unique hybrid game blending elements from both roulette and bingo, Spingo offers a thrilling gaming experience unlike any other. Instead of using traditional roulette wheels with 36 numbers on them, Spingo features 21 number slots each marked by its respective color (red, yellow, or blue) instead. Players bet on combinations they think may win before one ball is released onto the wheel which determines its winner; creating an unparalleled gaming experience! With its captivating blend of luck and strategy elements combined into one gameplay experience mega888apk.


Double Action Roulette


In Double Action Roulette, the excitement doubles thanks to two balls per spin and two sets of winning numbers per wheel spin. Each ring represents different sets of numbers; players can place bets on combinations where both balls land either within one ring or between different rings – for a twice greater potential of wins! Double Action Roulette provides nonstop thrills with ample opportunities for big paydays!


Ra Roulette For fans of ancient Egyptian mythology, Ra Roulette provides an entrancing blend of roulette and mythological imagery. This variation offers a standard wheel with a special bonus slot featuring Ra the Sun God as an Egyptian sun god when placing their bet. When landing the ball on the Ra slot and placing their bet, players may win bonus payouts or trigger-themed bonus rounds with its unique theme and bonuses! With such uniqueness combined with added benefits Ra Roulette provides players with a truly mystical gaming experience unlike any other!


While classic roulette variants such as American, European, and French continue to captivate players around the world, exploring lesser-known variations can bring new levels of excitement and entertainment. From Multi-Wheel Roulette and Spingo up to French roulette – each offers distinct gameplay experiences sure to please both newcomers and veteran players. So step outside of your comfort zone and give one of these alternative roulette games a spin; who knows, perhaps one may become your new go-to method!


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